The perfect component with REHAU and Pfleiderer

The perfect component with REHAU and Pfleiderer

100% design match with the Pfleiderer Express Collection 2021–2024

Edgeband specialist REHAU and board manufacturer Pfleiderer coordinate their design collections closely, as having the perfect match between board and edgeband is the only way to create the perfect component. The collaboration includes the boards from Pfleiderer’s Express Collection 2021–2024 as well as the Prime Boards XTreme Collection for special matt and high-gloss surfaces. The coordinated decorative concept also covers large parts of the worktop collection and the associated wall seal systems. 

The demands made on modern carpenters and interior designers to create unique, high-quality products are challenging, but they also present a huge opportunity for traditional craftsmanship. There is growing demand for furnishings that are functional on the one hand and also express personality on the other, increasingly influenced by factors such as shielding or the switch from the office to working from home.  

The collaboration between REHAU and Pfleiderer takes the collections to a whole new level. The choice of decorative designs, the quality and the availability of elements are coordinated in such a way that the carpenter or interior designer is able to get a ‘complete hassle-free package’.

The Pfleiderer Express Collection 2021–2024 includes 139 standard decorative designs, with 128 decorative designs from the designer collection and 11 decorative designs from the Evergreen range. The perfect matching of boards and edgebands also applies to the PrimeBoard XTreme collection with its extremely matt and high gloss surfaces. Here, too, REHAU supplies edgebands with the matching decorative designs from its RAUKANTEX mirror gloss collection or RAUKANTEX noble matt.

For Pfleiderer’s worktop collection 2021–2024, REHAU offers 55 designs including stone and wood effect, and solid colours. Added to this is the matching decorative wall seal from REHAU’s RAUWALON perfect-line collection.

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