Primer edgebands or zero-joint edgebands – RAUKANTEX is the right choice!

High standards of design and appearance coupled with excellent product quality play a major role in furniture manufacture. The RAUKANTEX product family offers the right edgeband for all customer orders, perfectly adapted to the design and decor or all common panel manufacturers.

So whether you need simple carcass processing with a classic primer edgeband, the visual zero-joint or a perfect, functional zero-joint edgeband, with RAUKANTEX, you always make the right decision.

We are now going a step further:

The new RAUKANTEX plus* generation is the perfect entry point for a zero-joint finish.

Simply call – we are here to help.

RAUKANTEX product family

High quality for traditional adhesive-based processing with RAUKANTEX pure or top invisible joint quality, 100% adhesive-free, with RAUKANTEX plus and pro. RAUKANTEX pro remains the market standard for perfect, durable invisible joints thanks to its tried-and-tested quality.

Functional edgebands

RAUKANTEX pro – the perfectionist

Edgeband with polymer functional layer

Get perfect, seamless components with the 100% polymer functional layer. 100% color match. 100% adhesive-free – tried and tested industrial quality.

■ ■ ■  Moisture resistance
■ ■ ■  UV resistance
■ ■ ■  Adhesion/Hardness
■ ■ ■  Appearance

RAUKANTEX pro Functional layer can be seamlessly fused

RAUKANTEX plus – the newcomer edgeband

Edgeband with TPU functional layer

A polymer-based, color-matched functional layer on the rear side gives the components a seamless look. 100% adhesive-free.

■ ■ □  Moisture resistance
■ ■ □  UV resistance
■ ■ □  Adhesion/Hardness
■ ■ □  Appearance

New generation with TPU base*

RAUKANTEX pure – the standard

Primer edgeband

adhesive is melted  before it is applied to the board or edgeband.

Example: EVA adhesive:    

■ □ □  Moisture resistance
■ □ □  UV resistance
■ ■ □  Adhesion/Hardness
■ □ □  Appearance

Example: PUR adhesive:

■ ■ ■  Moisture resistance
■ □ □  UV resistance
■ ■ ■  Adhesion/Hardness
■ □ □  Appearance

Adhesive edgebands

Want to switch to zero-joint manufacturing but still have doubts? No problem!

The new generation of RAUKANTEX plus makes it easy for you to start processing edgebands with zero adhesive. RAUKANTEX plus, based on TPU, is a high-quality product to meet the highest requirements, combined with REHAU’s service packages, such as the “any quantity, any length” service or 24-hour ex works delivery.

The new RAUKANTEX plus is harder, more UV stable and 100% adhesive-free, making it a higher quality product than any comparable solution in the market today.

Overview of the benefits for you:

  • 100% adhesive-free with TPU base
  • For components with a seamless look
  • Color-matched functional layer for decor edgebands
  • No smudging of components
  • Better UV stability, no yellowing
  • Very good adhesion, even with industrial hot air units
  • Very good surface smoothness (also for thin edges)

M00-D1717_CL - 1097690
F20-D327 - 1081040
O40-D090_CL - 1099151

The new RAUKANTEX plus is coming soon at an attractive price, including all of these advantages and available even in small quantities from 1 m.

Download Technical Information

Please observe the technical information.

One edgeband for all technologies

Get a zero joint with three different technologies: laser, hot air or NIR. Both the new RAUKANTEX plus and RAUKANTEX pro are compatible with all three technologies.

Laser technology

Laser technology

In this process, a laser beam is used to activate the functional layer, which then melts and bonds permanently to the rough surface of the substrate board. Thanks to its high efficiency, laser technology is used in many industrial applications.

Hot-Air technology

Hot air technology

With this process, compressed hot air is used to melt the functional layer. This method is favoured by both commercial customers and smaller fabricators, as it is less expensive than the laser technology.

NIR technology

NIR technology

Thermal energy can be quickly and precisely transferred with near infra-red technology. This makes it ideal for activating the functional layers of REHAU zero-joint edgebands.

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