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Tested. Simple. Unique – RAUKANTEX FP edgebands

Fire protection is the be-all and end-all in building construction and engineering, as well as for local and long-distance transport. Smoke development of the materials used in interiors is particularly crucial in an emergency situation. Strict legal requirements for passive fire protection therefore also apply here.

RAUKANTEX FP from the REHAU fire.protect product family offers self-extinguishing edgebands with halogen-free flame retardants for wall coverings or furniture which meet the key European fire protection requirements and, at the same time, do not limit the design.

95 %

of those killed in fires die as a result of smoke inhalation

3 breaths

of highly toxic fire smoke will lead to unconsciousness

2 min.

can already be fatal


RAUKANTEX FP is halogen-free, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing once the ignition source has been removed.

RAUKANTEX FP has all of the relevant European test reports for building construction and rail. In addition to their tested fire protection properties, the edgeband solutions also meet all of the requirements of modern interior design. Innovative composite testing for edgeband, board and adhesive now allows design freedom even with high edgeband thicknesses.

RAUKANTEX FP is also just as quick and easy to process as all other RAUKANTEX edgebands.

Application areas

Whether it’s an exhibition hall, hotel, kindergarten, school, hospital or local and long-distance transport: in all of these places, safety is paramount.

People need to be as protected as possible and – in the event of a fire breaking out – be exposed to only the smallest possible quantities of smoke and toxic gases. It must be possible to escape from the buildings or vehicles without loss of orientation.

Equally, it is important that the effect of the fire is not enhanced by the materials.

RAUKANTEX FP edgebands are tested according to EN 13501-1* B - s2, d0 as well as EN 45545-2 R24 HL3 and can therefore be used in the following areas.


Key benefits

  • Halogen-free ABS-blend material
  • Tested for building construction according to EN 13501-1*: B - s2, d0
  • Tested for rail vehicles according to EN 45545-2: R24 HL1, HL2, HL3
  • Available in various decorative designs and colours**
  • Impact-resistant and robust
  • Simple and time-saving installation using standard edgebanding machines
  • Use with free-form parts
  • Design freedom, even with high edgeband thicknesses

*Composite testing with the specific combination of edgeband, board and adhesive. Please see our technical information at www.rehau.com/ti.
**Customised production, minimum order quantity on request.

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Do you have any questions about the applicable European standards?
Here is a compilation for you, including the corresponding explanations.

RAUKANTEX FP interview with Volante

VOLANTE GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1998 as an independent transport interiors company and is a system supplier for a wide range of interior fittings for rail and road vehicles. Its work primarily focuses on projects to develop and produce functional, yet design-oriented interior solutions. When it comes to preventive fire protection, there are no compromises in this profession. In this interview, Dietmar Graml, BEng., Technical Sales Manager, explains what this means in detail.

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Interview with Harmeling on RAUKANTEX fire.protect

"True creators of interiors" sums up the Harmeling brand. Based in the city of Rijssen in the Netherlands, the unique aspect of this company is how it reflects the individual identity and personal needs of its customers as it designs one-of-a-kind interior concepts and executes them down to the last detail with passion and perfectionism. Offices, hotels, shops and schools are subject to strict fire safety regulations. We spoke with Innovation & Process Manager Mitchell Rodhouse about all the challenges this presents in terms of material selection and production.

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