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The edge goes digital 

When it comes to edging boards, these days you need a lot of time for storage, administration and setting up the machines: a source of errors that cost time and money.

  • High time effort for booking the edges into the warehouse
  • Incorrect stock levels, no overview
  • The correct programme must be selected on the machine
  • Only master data comes with the edge, no actual data
  • Data must be read from the label (time-consuming)
  • High susceptibility to errors: incorrect edge/edge data, incorrect process specifications
  • Consumption or residual quantities cannot be recorded
  • Production data only partially traceable
  • High manpower costs

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But there is an easier way: with the REHAU service for digitalising the edge. The principle behind #edgeisdigital is as simple as it is brilliant: both the master data and the actual data can be provided ‘on tag’, via a cloud or over an IT-gateway.

  • Automatic incoming goods posting by scanning and data transfer from the label, less manual work
  • Automatic stock management, inventory and remaining quantity management
  • Recording of remaining running metres per roll (stock overview)
  • Transparency/complete traceability at roll level
  • No mix-ups, no missing materials
  • Use of the correct machine parameters (actual data thickness, width), no manual calibration
  • Order, cleanliness and overview
  • Low capital commitment due to real-time stock levels
  • "Marriage" of the edgeband roll with the production component (precise identification of which edgeband is installed on which order; immediate identification; traceability and blocking of stocks possible)
  • Skilled worker bottleneck: more automation, less manpower required
  • Connection to tapio possible (data availability)
  • Higher machine availability

Savings potential:
up to 34.2 days per year

For you, this means automation and optimisation throughout the storage and production process – in short: a smart factory!

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#edge is digital

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