Passion for color 2023

A feast for the senses

Passion for colour 2023

Passion for color 2023

A feast for the senses

Passion for color 2023: Curcuma Gold

Curcuma Gold

warm – earthy – mild

Marco Polo brought golden-yellow turmeric powder to Europe, where it has been refining dishes with its earthy, lightly spicy flavour ever since. This is the same effect provided by the color Curcuma Gold. It makes an impact but is not too loud. It relaxes and makes everyday life feel more balanced and harmonious.

Goes perfectly with: all types of wood, provides an elegant contrast to dark grey, and can be beautifully combined with earthy sand shades.

Surface: RAUVISIO noir 2742L, RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt 2742L
Storage solution: RAUVOLET noble matt

Passion for Colors 2023: Curcuma Gold

Passion for colors 2023: Pepper Grey

Pepper Grey

classy – elegant – universal

The pepper plant brought wealth to India’s Malabar Coast, introduced its special spiciness to the kitchen and combines both aspects for your interior: as Pepper Grey, it is classy, elegant, timelessly universal and yet always harmonious. 

Goes perfectly with: everything. Pepper Grey is the ideal companion to most shades of color. Impartial, introverted, yet harmonious, it softens strong shades and strengthens softer colors.

Surface: RAUVISIO noir 2736L, RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt 2736L
Storage solution: RAUVOLET noble matt

Passion for colors 2023: Pepper Grey

PFC_VanillaCream - 1112395

Vanilla Cream

light – mild – sunny

The ‘queen of spices’ was valued in her native Mexico long before the arrival of Europeans. Its floral aroma enriches sweet foods and is the ideal alternative to aloof white in interior design. The light, sunny shade of Vanilla Cream creates warmth and gentle harmony.

Goes perfectly with: other pastel shades and works as a summery contrast to dark woods. However, Vanilla Cream also looks beautiful on its own.

Surface: RAUVISIO noir 2741L, RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt 2741L
Storage solution: RAUVOLET noble matt

AGI_155419469_CL - 1091062

PFC_Chili - 1112402

Ground Chili

powerful – present – passionate

This spicy paprika variant not only leaves an impression on the palate, but also creates accents in your interior. The passionate, dark red Ground Chili is elegant, powerful and present, but remains pleasantly reserved – just like a dish with a pinch of chilli powder for subtle spiciness.

Goes perfectly with: dark woods, black or shades of grey. However, Ground Chili is more than a luxurious and sensual companion. You can also create incredible results using color blocking with olive, dark blue or even a punchy pink.

Surface: RAUVISIO noir 2735L, RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt 3140L
Storage solution: RAUVOLET noble matt

AGI_1257848368_CL - 1091058

PFC_PinkSalt - 1112396

Pink Salt

light – powdery – invigorating

The ancient Romans had a saying: you can live without gold, but not without salt. Widespread across the world, it has a slight pink tinge in the Himalayas due to a slightly higher iron content. With Pink Salt, it has found its way into furniture construction. A warm shade that is light and almost powdery and becomes a gentle eye-catcher.

Goes perfectly with: the shades Ground Chili and Nutmeg Brown. However, combining it with khaki, black or olive will also turn your interior into a trendy eye-catcher.

Surface: RAUVISIO noir 2737L, RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt 2737L
Storage solution: RAUVOLET noble matt

AGI_1266238512_CL - 1091057

PFC_NutmegBrown - 1112398

Nutmeg Brown

harmonious – simple – elegant

Nutmeg can possess medical uses, and in cooking, freshly ground nutmeg refines vegetables and stews thanks to its evanescent flavour – as a color, it's just as versatile. It radiates warmth, can be used universally and blends gently and elegantly into many room compositions.

Goes perfectly with: almost anything. Nutmeg Brown is an all-rounder that can work with just about any color. The easiest way to combine it is with neutral colors such as black, white or grey.

Surface: RAUVISIO noir 2740L, RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt 2740L
Storage solution: RAUVOLET noble matt

AGI_154894483_CL - 1091063


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