RAUWALON slim-line available from 1 m

RAUWALON slim-line

One system line, two applications

The smallest wall seal profile can be used for two different applications: RAUWALON slim-line for household use and RAUWALON slim-line plus for professional use. They’ve been designed to cater for two different types of customers, but they still have plenty in common:


With its outstanding seal, the line 1 system isn’t just great for worktops; it’s also an ideal high-quality alternative to silicone joints for bathrooms, or as a seal around acrylic or ceramic parts like washbasins and bathtubs.


Its symmetrical profile and newly-designed connection moulding mean the line 1 system can also be used to connect vertical surfaces together. This makes it suitable for ceiling and floor end strips, for example, as well as for kitchens, caravans and DIY projects.

Create highlights

With its high quality look, the line 1 system allows users to accentuate different areas of their designs.


The moulded pieces can be used with either slim-line range, meaning there’s a single range of moulded parts for both systems. It’s not just a practical solution – it halves the number of parts you have to stock, too!

RAUWALON slim-line: A quickly installed profile supplied in rolled-up form

Until now, wall seal profiles' lower and upper pieces were used as separate sections assembled as a set. The RAUWALON slim-line wall seal system breaks the mould!


  • Ideal for any location where screws cannot be used
  • No special tools required
  • Suitable for custom cutting and installation
  • Simply position and press into place for a strong bond
  • Supplied in rolls for easy, convenient shipping and transport
  • Suitable for contiguous (i.e. seamless) installation
  • Can be installed horizontally and vertically
  • No off-cuts, so there is no waste

With RAUWALON slim-line, both top and bottom parts are supplied as one rolled-up strip. Installation is quick, easy and straightforward:

Roll out and cut to size with ordinary scissors

1. Roll out and cut to size with ordinary scissors

Remove the adhesive foil. Please follow the installation instructions.

2. Remove the adhesive foil. Please follow the installation instructions.

Press RAUWALON slim-line into place. It’s as simple as that!

3. Press RAUWALON slim-line into place. It’s as simple as that!

Product properties      Suitable for 
Initial adhesion+++ Textiles (e.g. textile wallpaper)+++
Adhesion to smooth surfaces+++ Glass/ceramics (e.g. tiles, mirrors)+++
Adhesion to rough surfaces+ Wood+++
Ageing resistance+ Metal (e.g. stainless steel joints)+++
Weathering resistance+ Paper/board (wallpaper)+++
Chemical resistance+ Plastic (PVC, PC, ABS, PE, PP)+

Final adhesion





HPL/coated chip board


highly suitable: +++ , suitable: +, not suitable: -

Thanks to its single-piece shape, RAUWALON slim-line is available in the following different delivery formats:

Delivery as a 50 m roll in a box

Delivery as a 50 m roll in a box

Delivery as cut lengths in 3 m sections, clipped together in boxes

Delivery in 3 m ready-cut lengths

RAUWALON slim-line plus: Two is better than one

RAUWALON slim-line plus wall seal profile is the alternative to the purely adhesive RAUWALON slim-line variant. The new generation, two part REHAU slim-line wall seal is designed for standard profile positioning and installation.


  • The most compact wall seal profile in the RAUWALON range
  • Very firmly attached using screws/nails
  • Backed with adhesive tape, making it suitable for one-person installation
  • Particularly suited for wooden substrates, laminate, parquet, cork
  • Looks identical to one-piece jointing profile when installed
  • 100% suitable for all temperature ranges and all stability applications

RAUWALON slim-line plus comes as top and bottom pieces (separate sections) in one strand that can be assembled to form a set. And it’s still quick and easy to install:

Cutting to length

1. Cutting to length

Remove adhesive tape

2. Remove adhesive tape

Fixar para a montagem com uma mão

3. Position for one-handed installation

Screw into place

4. Screw into place

Clip on cover

5. Clip on cover

Job done!

6. Job done!

Fornecimento em barras com 4,20 m

Delivered in cut lengths of 4.20 m


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