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Plastic Surgery Center in Guilford

At the ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa in New Haven, Connecticut, doctors Deborah Pan and Javier Davile offer sophisticated beauty treatments. Their service is all about looks, quite literally. The design of the furnishings at their new practice in Guilford, Connecticut was therefore an important factor. Above all, medical treatment rooms need one thing – lots of cabinet space for storing surgical devices and materials. And when it came to the 76 cupboard doors and drawers at the Clinic in Guilford, ASANA opted for REHAU's glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal in the color bianco.

“The fact that the fitter was able to use the same product throughout the entire space is truly unprecedented for us,” says Jeff Carter, owner of The Westmount Group, LLC. As plastic surgeons, the owners wanted to make sure everything looked good. The shine of the RAUVISIO finish and the incredible value for money instantly impressed. “I don’t know any other product that so perfectly combines both criteria,” says Carter. The new treatment centre is now fitted out with around 500 square metres of RAUVISIO crystal panels, combining the look and shine of glass with the ease of processing that comes with wood materials.
The RAUKANTEX edgebands for the front panels were all machined using an adhesive-free laser or hot-air technology using the zero-joint technique. The result is zero-joint panels with the elegance and quality of glass and a flawless finish.

“An important property of RAUVISIO is the color fidelity of the material,” adds Carter. “This allows us to reorder the color whenever a cabinet door needs to be replaced for whatever reason, even two years down the line. We simply call up and get the same color. Even if I want to convert or extend my cabinets, the innovative glass laminate mean there is no need to worry about discrepancies in the color.

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ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa, New Haven, USA


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REHAU products RAUVISIO crystal surface materials
with perfectly tailored RAUKANTEX edgebands, machined using laser technology

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