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Krug Expeditionstrucks from Austria

The Krug company was born from an enthusiastic German-Austrian cooperation. Their goal is to build technically superior and extremely reliable expedition vehicles that impress in both price and performance. This is achieved through a network of specialised craftsmen from Western and Eastern Europe.

It is not only the vehicle’s technology that survives the hardest, most adventurous excursions. The interior must also follow the criteria of being light, robust, practical and, above all, chic.

This is where the adventure for REHAU begins. Our polymer surface materials are flexible, light and can be processed with conventional carpentry tools. This makes the polymer glass laminate from REHAU the ideal replacement for a heavy and fragile glass mirror. The wall cabinets do not need doors with annoying folding mechanisms, so all the expedition equipment is stored behind tambour door systems with robust mechanisms and an attractive appearance.

The reward for each of these unique trucks are the stories and adventures told by its customers. Their tracks lead from the Atacama Desert to Siberia – and REHAU is part of it.

Krug Expedition, Austria


Reference interior design
for expedition trucks, Austria

REHAU products
: mirror surfaces from RAUVISIO crystal mirror glass laminate and tambour door systems from the RAUVOLET metallic line.

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