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Innovations for trendy interior design

Implement modern designs with RAUVISIO crystal from REHAU


Always on the cutting edge: REHAU has expanded its RAUVISIO crystal smart glass to include a number of exciting variants, enabling customers in the fields of architecture, furniture construction and trades to design contemporary interiors. REHAU is now expanding the popular RAUVISIO crystal Deep surface collection with three warm colors – and a color that all the trend experts in the industry can currently agree on.


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As an interior specialist, one of REHAU's essential tasks is to monitor international design trends and incorporate them into our own collections. This turns our "Enabling exceptional design" claim into reality. REHAU materials can be used to create interiors that are as timeless as they are trendy – and as versatile as the world of furnishings. Since its market launch in 2022, the RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection has impressed both customers and the juries of renowned design awards. The material combines the elegant look of glass with a unique, subtle metallic shimmer. And it is now available in three new warm, earthy shades. Colors that fully reflect the spirit of the present. "What people want most from their home today is a sense of comfort. They want to feel cosy and safe there, leave the problems of the world behind when they close the front door and immerse themselves in their wellness universe. The three new colors, Luna, Torba and Terriccio, are the perfect way to achieve this," says Anna Badum, Product Manager for RAUVISIO crystal at REHAU. 

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New decors in Deep Collection: Luna, Torba and Terriccio

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Peach Fuzz and Torba in combination with genuine materials

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The warm, earthy Torba color creates and elegant ambience

Design match of new colors

The colors can be combined with each other, but also with a wide variety of other materials, in keeping with the REHAU design match. They blend harmoniously into any conceivable room concept – whether as an eye-catching feature or discreetly in the background. The new Luna color is a all-rounder that matches the noble matt collection in the Boxcar Blonde design. This gives the designer the option of combining different REHAU materials in the same color and choosing between smart glass, the noble matt surface or the concrete surface to create holistic room concepts. REHAU provides the customer with a coordinated system consisting of surface, matching edgeband and roller shutters.

Individual color settings and trend color Peach Fuzz

For even more design freedom, customers can have their individual color set in smart glass, both in high-gloss and matt. And the Pantone Color of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz, selected by trend experts, is also now part of the RAUVISIO crystal universe. The warm, soft, unobtrusive and fresh color radiates joie de vivre and warmth, can be perfectly combined with light pastel shades, leather and natural tones – and is another colorful addition to the three new decors, Luna, Torba and Terriccio from the Deep Collection.

Advantages of glass laminate – also for processors

In addition to its look and feel, RAUVISIO crystal smart glass offers considerable advantages in terms of material processing. The ‘glass for carpenters’ can be processed using standard carpentry tools and allows the designer practically boundless freedom in interior design. Thanks to the material properties, it is also possible, for example, to create millings on the front and back. 

The user benefits from the high scratch resistance, easy cleaning and anti-fingerprint properties.
The smart glass is available as pressed board with an MDF substrate and as a thin glass panel for use as wall cladding.

Everything about RAUVISIO crystal and the new colour trends: www.rehau.com/crystal.

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