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Coiffeur in Houston

When her salon in Houston was flooded after Hurricane Harvey, Arlene Chapman wanted to make a fresh start right away. The motto for the rebuild was “adventure” – reflected in the choice of colors and textures for the modern salon.

One of her customers recommended that she take a look at REHAU surface materials. The high-quality craftsmanship and the fair value for money quickly convinced her. She contacted Kitchen & Home Design to look at a few samples. There, she met project manager Samer Elqutub and knew she was in the right place. His showroom was filled with innovative REHAU surface materials and offered precisely the choices she had imagined.

Chapman had already decided on a backsplash with a unique combination of patterns and colors. Elqutub showed her how wonderfully REHAU doors would complement that design. He knew that Arlene Chapman was looking for something modern, so together they chose three REHAU surfaces: the structured wood grain RAUVISIO terra in Vineyard Oak, the high-gloss RAUVISIO brilliant Gabbiano and RAUVISIO brilliant Magnolia.

“I was not afraid to combine cabinet doors, colors and worktops in this way. A lot of designers came to me and said: ‘What are you doing?’. Nobody had dared to do it before – everyone thought it would be too much of a good thing – but it worked. Elqutub saw my vision and trusted me. It is a mix with its very own charm. The color mood and the different textures link it all together,” said Chapman.

RAUVISIO terra Vineyard Oak was used for the lower cabinets throughout the entire salon. Chapman recalled what she particularly liked about this surface: “The textures and the contrast were a wonderful match for the floors of the salon. They are what makes the room so special and have an extremely high-quality look.”

For the upper cabinets and the entrance to the salon, she chose doors in RAUVISIO brilliant Gabbiano and RAUVISIO brilliant Magnolia. In contrast to competitors’ surfaces which use a clear top coat, the REHAU surface has a color-matched PMMA top coat that provides more depth and improves UV resistance.

After three months of construction, Chapman had this to say about the end product: “WOW! I could hardly believe the result. I love to come to work, and I am extremely proud of this project. All of my customers say the new room is elegant and very inviting with its warm colors and deliberate contrasts.” Everyone who was involved in the project now gladly recommends REHAU products. “As anybody looking for a modern European-style cabinet soon finds out ... REHAU is my first choice”, says Elqutub.

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Coiffeur, Houston


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Surfaces in RAUVISIO terra Vineyard Oak and RAUVISIO brilliant Gabbiano and Magnolia with perfectly matched edgebands produced with REHAU laser technology

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