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REHAU celebrates 50 years of RAUKANTEX

Tradition, modernity and vision: RAUKANTEX turns 50!

Time to celebrate: the RAUKANTEX brand turns 50. For REHAU, this is a product of great importance. RAUKANTEX is not only one of the perennial bestsellers in our portfolio – the edgebands were also the starting point for the Furniture Solutions division and therefore our entry into the furnishing sector. The success of RAUKANTEX also shows how important the edgeband is for the overall aesthetics of furniture. Our edgeband collection has therefore expanded from year to year. We offer the perfect edgeband for every surface – with various functions and processing options.

RAUKANTEX has written its own piece of industrial history – one which clearly shows what is needed to make products successful. the trio of tradition, zeitgeist and vision. Or, put another way, that there is neither a today nor a tomorrow without a yesterday. All the thoughts and ideas that have gone into RAUKANTEX in the past have left their mark and gradually made the product what it is today: a product that understands the spirit of its time. It is a reliable and smart helper that does not push itself into the foreground, but without which perfect furniture components would not be possible.

Innovative strength is an important driver behind RAUKANTEX, while the excellent partnerships we maintain with all parties involved are another. These include machine manufacturers, the furniture industry, decor manufacturers, carpenters, interior designers and retailers.

But the development of RAUKANTEX is not over. On the contrary, innovation is deeply anchored in REHAU's DNA and we will therefore keep making RAUKANTEX that little bit better. There will be new demands that we're not yet even aware of. New functions and materials will emerge that will advance the edgeband even further. Unlike in its life as a furniture component, RAUKANTEX is the sole focus of this anniversary page. Before the next decade of edgeband history dawns, we want to take this opportunity to look back at how it all began, show the edgeband today in all its facets and present some ideas for the future.

So, clear the stage for the past, present and future of RAUKANTEX!

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