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Studio with a view over the Baltic Sea

Apartments don’t always have to be big to impress and this small studio by the Baltic Sea, located in a beautiful sought-after area right on the waterside in Rewal, proves just that.

It had to be simple yet sophisticated and elegant. The apartment owners also wanted simple, modern furnishing solutions. The use of grey and black surfaces with natural materials worked perfectly to reconcile these two opposing ends of the spectrum. This allowed them to make the most of the small apartment’s potential, namely the large window surfaces, while still keeping the more modest color scheme that the owner wanted. The wood laminate adds a touch of warmth and comfort to the space with a nod to the surrounding nature.

The apartment’s mirrored surfaces draw your eye in. Lots of mirrors and glass surfaces were used to prevent the dominant colors from becoming too overpowering. These visually open up the central space – an open-plan living room and kitchen – breaking up the color and cleverly making the most of the natural light coming through the glass surfaces. They also reflect the play of natural colors and the amazing view of the sea.

The smooth acrylic front panels from the RAUVISIO brilliant matt collection join together perfectly for a harmonious overall look, more than living up to the brief of simple, modern solutions. The owners were blown away by the sleek elegance. Their dream living space had come to life.


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STOLMAR Mariusz Cierniewski

Karina Wiciak WAMHOUSE


Kitchen for a studio in Rewal, Poland

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RAUVISIO brilliant SR surfaces (scratch-resistant); RAUKANTEX edgebands

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