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Stylish concrete look for the vertical application: RAUVISIO cube     

RAUVISIO cube new surface

Authentic concrete look with clear processing advantages


From building element to eye-catcher in interior design – concrete has undergone an astonishing upgrade. The building material is extremely popular as a design element for use in homes, stores or offices. Thanks to REHAU, the look of concrete can now be implemented in interiors in a user-friendly way. The new RAUVISIO cube surface is available in six different colors and can be perfectly combined with the elegant noble matt surfaces from REHAU. 

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The new surface is inspired by concrete, the popular building material. Thanks to natural air pores (cavities), RAUVISIO cube offers a look that utilizes the rough industrial aesthetic. Each panel is individual and unique in its surface structure, making every piece of furniture one of a kind. Hardly distinguishable from concrete on the outside, the material offers numerous processing advantages compared to real concrete and other surface materials for industrial furniture production and interior design: it is significantly lighter, more flexible and easier to work with, so the added value remains in-house. The surface can be processed with all standard woodworking tools – making it the perfect choice for the demanding contract sector and all furniture makers looking for a material for vertical use. With the matching RAUKANTEX pigmento edgeband pigmented in the milling radius, a perfect component is created. A solid concrete slab look is created by applying a 45° chamfer.

The collection consists of six colors that can be combined. One color variant is based on classic concrete. The others go with the current time spirit and trend for warm, natural and lang-lasting color tones.

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Unique furniture thanks to natural air pores

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RAUVISIO cube in shopfitting: rough industrial aesthetics

Exceptional design in design match

Another design advantage is REHAU's cross-product philosophy, in which the different elements are available in a range of colors. RAUVISIO cube can also be combined with materials that appear completely different – and yet complement each other in style. 

The authentic concrete surface blends seamlessly into the elegant noble matt look of RAUVISIO noir or brilliant noble matt. The result is an almost inexhaustible variety for a pure, minimalist interior. The interplay between the RAUVISIO versions is perfect for complete room designs, as RAUVISIO noir is also ideal for horizontal use and therefore for surfaces subject to heavy use. The range is rounded off by the RAUVOLET noble matt roller shutter in the same color. With the design match, REHAU opens up the planning scope for customers and enables the design of monolithic interiors.

M00-D2095 - 100005702

Boxcar Blonde decor combined with matching materials

O87-D017 - 100005340

Interplay of the decors Silver Lake, Trench Coat and Pepper Grey

O87-D018 - 100005336

Interplay of Casa Blanca, Boxcar Blonde and Nutmeg Brown

RAUVISIO cube is now available as a pressed large-format panel with an MDF core in the dimensions 2,760 x 1,220 x 19 mm. Customized components can be ordered via the REHAU surface configurator.

All information on RAUVISIO cube and free sample orders are available at: www.rehau.com/cube.

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