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See and feel the difference – edgeband RAUKANTEX pigmento

Ceramics, concrete, stone: the trend toward structured surfaces in kitchens, but also in living spaces, continues unabated. But for these furnishings to be enjoyed for many years, they must withstand the rigours of everyday use. This is exactly why we developed RAUKANTEX pigmento.

Thanks to an innovative formula, the edgeband can reflect a wide range of tactile and visual qualities, creating structures in the chamfered area, and it protects the furniture components from impact damage. This is particularly advantageous for edging sensitive genuine ceramics. RAUKANTEX pigmento has also proven ideal for edging standard board materials in concrete, stone and ceramic finishes and gives the component a new aesthetic quality.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Impact resistant, no splintering
  • Lots of decorative designs and color choices available
  • Frameless looks thanks to pigmented milling radii
  • Perfect match in combination with zero-joint edgeband RAUKANTEX pro:

    - Transition from board to polymer radius virtually invisible thanks to seamless joint
    - Design match: board–edgeband material printing to perfection
    - 100% adhesive-free
    - Guarantees visually seamless components
    - Color-matched functional layer for decorative edgeband
    - Better UV stability, no yellowing
    - Very good adhesion with all zero joint technologies
    - Excellent surface smoothness

Quality point zero joint: RAUKANTEX pigmento can be optimally combined with the laser edge with functional layer. The result: components from one piece, permanently jointless.

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