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RAUKANTEX product ranges meet the requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel


The Scandinavian countries are pioneers when it comes to sustainability, so it’s hardly surprising that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the strictest environmental certifications in the world. The REHAU edgeband range RAUKANTEX PP and the sustainable PP edgebands RAUKANTEX eco and evo now meet the requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – this is a big positive for the environment, all REHAU customers in Scandinavia, and everyone who supplies furniture there.

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With RAUKANTEX PP, REHAU offers an edgeband range based on polypropylene (PP), a modern, polymer material. This range of edgebands combines the design and processing benefits of RAUKANTEX with chlorine-free, UV-stabilised formulations and adhesion agents which comply with the REACH regulation. This means they fulfil all the conditions of the EU Chemicals Regulation. RAUKANTEX PP can be used in all areas: from offices, living areas, bathrooms and kitchens, to exhibition stand construction and shop fitting, and even shop fitting. The processing-friendly RAUKANTEX PP formulation affords both smooth continuous processing and easy application to free-form parts. Thanks to its excellent chemical resistance, PP is even suitable for laboratory equipment.

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Conformity approved: RAUKANTEX PP and the RAUKANTEX eco and evo product lines

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From production to disposal: the Nordic Swan Ecolabel covers the entire life cycle of a piece of furniture

RAUKANTEX PP – a winner on the Scandinavian market

With these properties, RAUKANTEX PP and the RAUKANTEX eco and evo product lines have been compliant with the specifications of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel since spring 2024. The Scandinavian sustainability seal was developed by Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, and is one of the strictest environmental certifications in the world. Certification is available for products from over 60 categories that fulfil extremely demanding requirements in terms of environmental protection, quality and safety. With regards to furniture and furnishings, this means that they must be produced from materials that are renewable and recycled wherever possible. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel covers the entire life cycle of a piece of furniture, from manufacture to disposal – and that includes all its components. With the RAUKANTEX PP range and RAUKANTEX eco and evo, which are now on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel portal, furniture manufacturers can now use edgebands that allow their end product to be certified in accordance with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This is an enormous competitive advantage for all manufacturers in the Scandinavian countries, where 80% of end customers are familiar with the seal. They pay a lot of attention to the sustainability of their furniture and for many it is a decisive factor when making a purchase.

At the same time, the label is a prerequisite for participation in official tenders: furniture manufacturers, carpenters and interior designers who want to participate in public projects such as schools, nurseries and offices must meet the requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. REHAU now supplies them with the right edgeband for the job, which is also unique in terms of quality, variety and processing. “Compliance makes it much easier for our customers to achieve success on the Scandinavian market,” says Daniel Elfe-Degel, Sustainability Officer for the Interior Solutions division at REHAU. “This is an advantage for everyone who is active in, or seeking to enter, these attractive markets – but of course, it is also an important step for RAUKANTEX and our sustainability strategy.”

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