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Minimalistic in black and white

The elegant apartment complex in the Polish village of Rogowo sets the standard for high-quality, modern and exclusively furnished apartments. Inspiration from the Baltic Sea coastline and the owner's taste for minimalist elements gave rise to this apartment’s black-and-white color concept. The combination of these two tones gives the apartment a minimalistic yet highly modern feel.

And the surface that made it all possible: RAUVISIO. This acrylic laminate emphasises the latest trends in furniture and living space design. The versatile surface boasts excellent color quality and brilliance and replaces high-quality paint elements. The material is also available in noble matt. Fitters used the RAUVISIO brilliant bianco and moro materials in this apartment for an elegant, hard-wearing glossy highlight in the tastefully furnished kitchen.

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Meble Merda

Kaja Stryjewska - Magdziak NORM.DESIGN


Apartment in Rogowo, Poland

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RAUVISIO brilliant SR surfaces (scratch-resistant); RAUKANTEX edgebands

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