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Halogen-free, flame-retardant edgebands: RAUKANTEX FP

Fire protection in interior design and for rail transport

Tested. Simple. Unique. RAUKANTEX FP edgebands


The RAUKANTEX FP product line, developed by REHAU as part of its fire.protect product family, is a halogen-free, flame-retardant edgeband that opens up numerous design possibilities for Fabricators, architects and interior designers. It is also just as quick and easy to process as all other RAUKANTEX edgebands. The edgebands are extremely versatile and can be used for rooms in public buildings or for upgrading rail vehicles, for example. It goes without saying that RAUKANTEX FP has all of the relevant European test reports for building construction and rail.

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Preventive fire protection for buildings and rail

Stricter fire regulations apply to the inside of public buildings and to all types of rail vehicles. REHAU offers special preventive fire protection solutions for edgebands which are self-extinguishing and produce less smoke than conventional edgebands. This product line is manufactured using a halogen-free polymer formulation that is particularly robust and impact-resistant, making it highly suitable for use in public spaces. 

RAUKANTEX FP from REHAU’s fire.protect product family is available in various decorative designs, colours and dimensions, and can be processed on conventional edgebanding machines. Edgeband solutions currently being used in the area of fire protection are extremely complex to process, or thinner edgebands are chosen that are not considered to be substantial enough. The RAUKANTEX FP range combines several benefits in one: it is easy to process, creates safe, rounded edges and also meets fire protection requirements.

Range of application and classifications

Inside public buildings, RAUKANTEX FP is used as part of building products such as wall coverings and furniture, which are used to equip schools, kindergartens, hotels or hospitals, for example. EN 13501-1 applies in Europe for the classification of construction materials. In composite testing, with the specific combination of edgeband, board and adhesive, RAUKANTEX FP is classified as B – s2, d0 according to this standard, making it suitable for use on flame-retardant furniture and wall coverings that need to meet the B – s2, d0 requirements or worse.

Inside rail vehicles, REHAU offers its self-extinguishing RAUKANTEX FP edgeband for various applications in furnishings and wall coverings in carriages. In the event of a fire, the fire behaviour and smoke development of each material used is crucial in enabling passengers to get out of the danger zone as quickly and safely as possible. The requirements and limit values of all materials are defined in the European standard for fire protection on railway vehicles EN 45545-2. RAUKANTEX FP meets the R24 requirement with the best possible hazard level of HL3.

If you have specific project enquiries, you can contact us via www.rehau.de/raukantex-fp .

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