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Holiday home by the Baltic Sea in Großenbrode

Holidays in our own home. That was the Habermann family‘s dream. Now the family’s favourite property is Großenbrode, very close to the beach and with the Baltic Sea only a short distance away. They can’t wait for their next holidays to arrive!

There are large south-facing windows and a spacious balcony to enjoy the sun and the sea breeze all day long, merging the inside and the outside into one.

Wooden ceilings and floors frame the interiors, conveying warmth and comfort. Elsewhere, white and light-coloured furnishings dominate. It is low-maintenance and perfectly equipped for the next family visit.
In the kitchen and bathrooms, RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate adds highlights to the interior where you would normally expect tiles. This also applies to the shower, finished in sea blue and conveying a special Baltic Sea atmosphere.

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FHU Wanda Płuciennik, Poland

Island interior decoration project


Reference holiday home
by the Baltic Sea in Großenbrode

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