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Dream kitchen in natural hues

The entire color palette found in the surrounding landscape is implemented into the highly modern kitchen of this holiday apartment. In this elegant apartment complex in the Polish village of Rogowo, architects, interior designers and apartment owners place high importance on exquisite features that, ideally, coalesce with their surroundings.

Inspired by the nearby dune forest, property owners opted for sand-colored surfaces, furniture and pieces when designing the apartments. The key player in making this design choice a spectacular reality was the RAUVISIO acrylic laminate. The material makes for outstanding design when coating vertical furniture front panels and is remarkably easy to work with. When combined with the REHAU furniture front panels in cubanite-metallic colors, this creates a cohesive overall design that gets the hearts of both property owners and holiday guests alike beating that little bit faster.

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Meble Merda

Kaja Stryjewska - Magdziak NORM.DESIGN


kitchen for holiday apartment in Rogowo, Poland

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RAUVISIO brilliant SR surfaces (scratch-resistant); RAUKANTEX edgebands

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