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Robust and reflective like a rock crystal

Switzerland is known for its impressive glaciers and spectacular mountain scenery. It also boasts crystal-clear waters, numerous natural phenomena, and magical winter landscapes. Snow white and crystal clear is also the motto for a kitchen that inspired the Stöcklin company to create this kitchen design. In combination with stone and wood elements, it imports the atmosphere of the Swiss mountains into the home. The translucent front elements made of RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate in the color Perla are as fascinating as a rock crystal, reflecting the light and creating an incredible depth effect.

The material itself is robust, resistant to scratches and easy to clean. In other words, it is also a "gemstone" when it comes to its suitability for everyday use. All front elements such as surfaces, tambour doors and edgebands are perfectly coordinated in terms of design and material. White is therefore uncompromisingly white. This was a must for the client. Because this time, bespoke custom work and craftsmanship were destined for his home. André Knill, a member of the management team, was in charge of production, while his wife was responsible for the furnishings and design. A successful family project and a showpiece in its own right.

The Swiss family business Stöcklin, which specializes in the manufacture of kitchen furniture and interior fittings, was founded in Aesch near Basel and is now managed by the third generation.

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Stöcklin AG


Kitchen in a private house, Switzerland

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Surface materials and tambour doors made of RAUVISIO crystal Perla, RAUKANTEX edgebands in a perfect material and design combination

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