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Dental practice in Füssen

Thorsten Kraus’ practice is located in Füssen in the Allgäu region. The newly renovated practice rooms follow a modern furnishing style and show off an independent identity and a relaxed atmosphere.

#Wohlfühlenbeimzahnarzt is the guiding principle for the newly designed premises. The practice welcomes its patients with openness, warm wood tones, elegant white surfaces and accentuated acoustic surfaces.

The high-quality and glossy surface materials made from the RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate (Bianco color shade) flow into the furniture of the treatment rooms. The light, hygienic and easy-to-clean surfaces of the furniture fronts are well suited to the medical setting and create the perfect setting for the working environment.

Treatment room number 3 features another design element: the FLIPDOOR storage solution for the wall units. At first glance, the sleek and simple lines of the FLIPDOOR without visible track system are captivating. Even when open, FLIPDOOR is a real eye-catcher with its smooth-running and space-saving opening mechanism.

The tilt effect of the slats means the system requires very little forward spatial depth for opening. This minimises the risk of impact from protruding edges. The opening mechanism runs particularly smoothly and can therefore be operated with just a finger or elbow.

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Thorsten Kraus, dentist


Reference interior design
of the Zahnrad dental practice in Füssen, Germany; Design concept by Agency SONS, Kempten; Installation by Carpentry Löchle, Immenstadt

REHAU products: FLIPDOOR storage solution
and RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate surface materials

Engineering progress

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