RAUKANTEX pro – invisible-joint edgebands

Zero joints, that are also safe

RAUKANTEX pro creates zero joints without compromises – permanently and sustainably

The advantages of RAUKANTEX zero-joint edgebands are already well established within the furniture industry: with our secure, patented, hygienic and clean RAUKANTEX pro edgeband, we can manufacture items of furniture that appear to be made from a single piece.

A 100% adhesive-free functional layer is the basis for the permanently functional and invisible zero joint on the finished component. 

RAUKANTEX pro takes the design and quality of the finished component to a new level and is remarkably easy to work with.

Not like that

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But like this

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> 15 years experience with the laser process

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Used worldwide

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Matching functional layer for any application

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Guaranteed legal certainty

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Market leader: Millions of metres produced per year

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Digital printing, painting, embossing, milling radii: Perfect frameless components

Perfect design


The functional layer is perfectly color-coordinated with the decorative layer creating a flawless appearance with total seamless integration, which creates the impression of a solid material. It is prevented that the joint rubs off during day-to-day use thanks to the special hardness of the functional layer. Dirt in the joints is a thing of the past.

  • Permanent invisible joint
  • Maximum lightfastness of PP
  • 100%-exact color matching of functional and decorative layers
  • Functional layer matched with the hardness of the decorative layer –> no frictional wear on the joint in daily use
  • No yellowing, no soiling
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Various technologies can be used to process RAUKANTEX pro. The manufacturing process is reliable, stable and provides a high repeating accuracy. The maintenance effort required is lower directly in comparison to conventional edging as aggregates do not become contaminated.

  • Increased process reliability, no reworking
  • Reduction in process steps and production equipment
  • Low maintenance
  • No adhesive and no contamination of units/systems
  • Improved fluidity and adhesion
  • Optimal processing window
IML_01780_EN - 1091678

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The seamless bond creates a permanent, functional, zero-joint. The fusion of edgeband and board increases both the resistance to thermal distortion and the resistance to moisture and vapour of the finished components.

  • Permanent functional invisible joint
  • Maximum chemical resistance of PP
  • Depending on the requirements, also highly resistant to heat, moisture and water vapour
  • Proven through use in the industry
  • Hygienic – easy to clean
  • Long-lasting high component quality
  • Numerous functional layers specifically adapted to the industry
  • No sealing tools required
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Sustainability is an integral part of the REHAU corporate strategy. Here as well, RAUKANTEX has a lot to offer: RAUKANTEX eco is an edgeband made of 50% post-industrial PP recyclate. RAUKANTEX evo is based on renewable raw materials, the use of which creates no additional demand for crude oil. The new vapour-resistant OMR functional layer of RAUKANTEX pro also scores high marks in terms of sustainability:  Thanks to its melting point, processing consumes about 25% less laser energy for activation at the same level of peeling force.

  • PP is the ecological material solution
  • The 100% adhesive-free polymer functional layer replaces adhesive
  • Fewer separating and cleaning agents required
  • The purity of the produced scrap allows for environmentally friendly disposal
  • Due to the melting point, the same level of peeling force can be achieved with about 25% less laser energy.

RAUKANTEX eco.protect

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  • International product protection rights/patents regarding “adhesive-free laser edging” or the structure of the polymer functional layer
  • Guaranteed legal certainty for the purchase and processing of laser edges

F20-D302 - 1081246
RAUKANTEX for door rebate edging
Noble matt range
O95-D045_CL - 1085392

Your application, our functional layer

Continuous changes in furniture manufacturing, for example the use of new materials, processing technologies, quality of surfaces and carrier materials, keep increasing the requirements on the quality of the RAUKANTEX pro processing process. 

At REHAU, we are responding to these changes by continually refining our mixtures and materials to make sure we can meet specialised customer requirements. The result: RAUKANTEX pro with industry-specific functional layers for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, doors and even outdoor applications.

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Only at REHAU

RAUKANTEX pro edgebands come with functional layers that are perfectly tailored to your desired application. For example, a so-called OMR (optimised moisture resistance) layer guarantees resistance against water vapour, making dishwashers, extractor hoods and damp rooms no match for the edgebands.

Maximum flexibility in processing:

Laser technology


Hot-Air technology

Hot air

Technologie NIR (infrarouges)



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